Why the Apple Vision Pro is a Total Aberration

30 Jul 2023

Okay, where do I begin?

It looks like we're at that point again; where tech seems so "innovative" that we don't care about its real value or what kind of problems it solves.

Something similar, like getting a big valuation on your startup only because you put the ".com" on the name. Ahh, the roaring 2000’s.

Now, we have this thing that even Steve Jobs would disapprove of.

I mean, look at that thing! Google Glass is a better idea in terms of functionality and not making you look like a f#%&ing idiot.

Sure, this has much more features because of virtual reality, augmented reality, and whatever else kind of reality you want.

But it doesn't change the fact that it's just trying too hard to come across as "the new, best kind of revolutionary technology" since the release of the iPhone.

C’mon Tim Cook, stop being such a tryhard. You won’t be the next Jobs as much as you try to.

It’s clear that “Big Tech” companies can afford to ignore all the advice going around in Silicon Valley.

They can put out products that don't solve a real need while trying to convince people they have to buy it to be in that exclusive group of “early adopters”.

Except, in this case, it is more than just "being ahead of the curve".

Steering society wrong just for the fun of it

In the demos, they hide the fact that people look like absolute bumbling fools.

Fixated on one spot while moving their arms like dumbos.

But they won't be alone, nooo, there will be other f#$%ing idiots doing the same as them.

This dystopian piece of technology will change society in ways we don't understand yet.

And for what?

What’s so cool about it enough to get people addicted to yet another piece of tech?

"You'll be able to interact with the world in a different way!", says the advertisement.

Yeah right, as if people's realities aren't shitty enough already that they need more consumerism and mindless entertainment to make it better.

All the marketing does is promote a version of a better future by using the product while completely disregarding anything that could go wrong.

And not only that, imagine that nothing goes wrong using that thing.

No side effects and no psychological problems whatsoever.

Still, they'll always be nefarious actors using the technology for their own purposes at the expense of the health and safety of others.

But wait, it gets worse!

The worst part is that when the digital world gets mixed with the real world, the dangers are greater and the potential for doing harm gets real, literally.

Haven't we already seen what can happen when tech gets out of control with sci-fi movies or Black Mirror?

Seems like a lot of people are so busy trying to be part of "the trend" that they have no time to consider the risks of using these glasses/goggles/whatever the F%&#ck this thing is.

As if there weren't enough ways for cybercriminals to steal your data, hack your accounts, and impersonate you already.

Guess what would happen when people take their terrible security habits to the “mixed world”.

Pretty easy to use some unreported vulnerabilities in that new technology and take over your life for real.

Hey, no need to worry! If they steal your identity or do any similar kind of harm, they might as well take over control of your body.

No need to worry about “another you” in the digital world. It’s only going to be one you.

You know the “hacked” one.

Good luck trying to prove which one is the real one.

Anyways. When news of large groups of people being addicted to this, new mental illnesses, or new ways cybercriminals find to steal data and/or impersonate people appear...

Don't say I didn't warn you.