The Most Common Photos Used by Catfish Scammers: Fake Love Costs Real Money

2 Sept 2023

Let me guess. You just got catfished out of thousands of dollars, and you’re expecting some kind of sympathy.

Well, you’re not gonna get it here.

Don’t get me wrong, I do feel sorry for you.

I feel sorry that your brain is made out of pudding and that you really thought a woman that hot could be into you.

Because I’m feeling like a nice guy today, I’m gonna help you out. This post will break down all the dumb s^!t you fell for and let you know how to avoid the same mistakes again.

Note: Real images of people have been censored for their protection.


Where do Catfish Scammers Find Photos?

I know what you’re probably thinking, “There’s no way my beloved Vanessa is fake! She sent me a real picture of herself!”

You gotta use your head here. You have no idea if that picture is really from the person you’re talking to.

Catfish scammers can find images to lure idiots like you by using two different methods:

  1. Stealing them
  2. AI creation

Stolen Images

Catfish scammers know how easy it is to do a quick Google search and find an image that gullible losers will fall for.

They’ll also use social media and dating apps like Tinder, Instagram, etc. Honestly, it’s not that hard.

Check out these images here. These images are now famous for being used by different catfish scammers:






These are photos of real women, but they’re not pictures of women that you can talk to.

How do I know that? Well, first look in a mirror, then look at them. This is very simple math:

If she’s a 10 and you’re a 3, then things don’t add up.

If you’re still under the delusion that the woman you’re looking at is into you, you can always do a reverse image search.

It’s so easy to do a reverse image search that anyone and their grandpa can do it.

First, open up Google Images and click on the camera icon.


From here, drag the image of the woman who’s obviously not into you in the Google Lens window, then click Search.


If the image is really from the woman you think you’re talking to (which it’s not), you’ll either see nothing pop up, or you’ll find a few social media pages that confirm that you’re really talking to who you think you are.

Chances are, it’s a stolen image, and you’ll be directed to the social media of the victim who had her pictures stolen.


Whatever you do, don’t talk to her (the victim who had their images stolen). You’ve done a lot of dumb things lately, and you don’t want to add harassment to the list.


AI Images

The only thing more pathetic than getting tricked by a stolen picture is getting fooled by a fake one.

Take a look at some of these pictures:




These are photos of fake women being used to scam you out of real money.

Spotting an AI image is not always easy, but there are some quick checks you can do. For example, always check the hands:



As good as AI is, it’s not good enough to handle realistic-looking hands. For the time being, this is the easiest way to figure out if the photo is AI or not.

Usually, there are other obvious tells, but scammers know they can easily distract you with boobs:


I bet you didn’t even notice it. Your eyes went straight to the knockers and missed this:


Now, there’s a good chance the scammer will see this obvious problem and simply crop it out:


It's not so easy now, is it?

When you can’t find obvious flaws with the image, you can always try zooming in real close. You’ll usually find something strange in the eyes, ears, hair, etc.


Guy Selfies Used For Catfishing

Believe it or not, men are not the only idiots that fall for romance scammers. Women fall for this stuff all the time.

Here are some common male photos that get used often by these scammers:




Romance scammers will find these male photos the same way as they find the female ones.

Here are some AI images:




All the same tips about avoiding female-based catfish scams apply here as well.

Common Lines Catfish Scammers Use on Women

Women are not as simple as men, and many of them will require more work to convince.

This section of this post is speaking directly to all the sad cat ladies out there.

Romance scammers will use more insidious forms of social engineering to reel in their female prey, telling victims exactly what they want to hear. This process can take months or sometimes just a few days.

Here are some super obvious lines scammers will use on gullible female fools:

“We just met. Let’s talk about marriage.”

Some women are desperate to get a ring on that finger. If a sly scammer finds a sad woman, they can spring this line on them in just a few weeks and reel them right in.

“I just made a bunch of money (and I want to share it with you).”

This is a way to lower a gullible person’s defenses.

“He can’t be trying to scam me. He already has money. Plus, maybe I can get a little bit of that money myself.”

He didn’t come across any money. He’s about to take some of yours.

“I’m sick.” / “I’m hurt.” / “I’m in jail.”

And guess what?

They’re gonna need your money to solve their problem.

"We can’t meet, I’m in the military."

He’s not in the military. He’s in his mom’s basement.

“You can trust me with your private pictures.”

No, you can’t.

Never send private pictures to strangers. Come on.

“I’m on an oil rig.” / “I’m on a ship.”

Nope. In a basement.


Final Thoughts

Yes, finding someone to sleep with/love can be possible to find online. But you also run the risk of getting your entire bank account cleaned out over a set of AI fun bags.

Whenever you think something is too good to be true, it usually always is. Repeat this a hundred times in your head, and your bank account will thank you.